Resources & Filming Permits

Location managers and location scouts.  Are you looking for the right location and setting for the production you are working on? Are you searching for the most suitable place or location to shoot in a Film Friendly area?  Here in Calderdale, our Council’s events and film office understands the filming industry and is always quick to act. We issue filming permits and arrange location agreements and traffic orders in a timely fashion to meet your filming schedule, including those last-minute changes.  At Film Calderdale, we may just have the package and the locations for that next call sheet to bring the script and screenplay to life!


Word is out, ask your colleagues, our reputation at Film Calderdale is paramount and we strive to ensure that everyone’s experience on a film shoot is the best it can be.


Calderdale sits proudly in the UK’s largest county of Yorkshire, the southernmost part of the Yorkshire Dales.  We are an area of river valleys, moorland and hill country, and few places can offer Calderdale’s blend of beauty and history in such a compact part of a region.  Calderdale is much more than history, great views and a BIG Yorkshire Welcome.


With over 10 years’ experience, we are a dedicated section of the Council dealing with event and film applications.


We strive to be a Film Friendly, single point of contact, coordinating/heading up responses to requests for filming permits, parking, location bases and traffic management. We aim to go the extra mile and pull out all the stops to meet filming requests, which are routinely very last minute. We work tirelessly to make film, television or commercial photography run as smoothly as possible when on location in Calderdale.


We are here to assist, with sourcing locations and supporting with logistical arrangements and can provide, local knowledge, information and advice.


Our services include:

• Filming Permissions (filming on Calderdale Council managed land and highway)

• Assisting with sourcing locations and supporting with logistical arrangements at Council-managed locations

• Providing local knowledge, information and advice

• Drafting/co-ordinating the provision of temporary traffic management orders (TTRO’s)

• Facilitating requests for parking dispensation etc

• Location databases

Useful Documents & Info